Response: Why Chromosome

And in a world with an extinct male gender, I wonder how the females would survive, I mean, who would work hard & earn the much needed money for buying the tvs, airconditioners(ref: plunder). Who would foot the bills for the consumerist culture that women love to have & I wonder who would make the ink and paper(ref environment rape)to allow brilliant writers to entertain us with their infallible logic. And Im sure if the fake rape cases stop then the surviving women would perish if they dont have something to gossip about(that would be the bored 46th gene).

Divisive Gender Politics- Crime against humanity
Feminists are hypocrites
So someone became a feminist because her parents wouldnt give her a snake for a pet. It sounds quite reasonable, dont you think. Of all the reasons for the ism’s of the world, this one takes the cake. It has become oh so fashionable to say he/she is a feminist without understanding the real issues that are burning down society. Feminism is one divisive ism which tries to split humanity into half. Someone ought to tell these people, it takes both genders to sustain the human race.

DV Act Hypocrisy


This article is based on hypocrisy. On one hand, the proponents of the DV Act, pretend to fight for equal rights for wives. However, they have forgotten that equal rights bring equal duties too. DVA assumes that wives are always victims. Nobody talks of the wife’s right to property from her own parents. This route conveniently reaches a place where it is called dowry. Indira Jaising’s comment “Being thrown out of the house is one of the commonest forms of violence against women.” is the truth, albeit being committed by the wife’s own parents against their daughter!!!! !. But nobody wants to acknowledge this fact. Society has found it convenient to blame husbands and their parents.
Indira Jaising again speaks the truth without realising it..””When you use the act to gain access to property, you are badmouthed as a gold-digger. But gaining access to economic resources, including property, is a legitimate part of the act.”.. YES.. GAINING ACCESS to economic resources… et al has become a legitimate part of the ACT of getting MARRIED by modern indian wives..AND by all means they are doing it, actively helped by disgusting laws and official machinery.