Launch of All India Men’s Welfare Association

Since the beginning of the human race, men have taken the role of the provider and the protector of family. Perhaps, for this reason, society thinks that there is no need to protect the protector. Perhaps, it is for this reason today, that men’s rights are being taken for granted.
The Constitution of India guarantees us Equal Rights to men and women under the law. Our Constitution also has an Article to look into the making of special provisions for women. While this may appear fair enough, these special provisions are being misused to make blatantly biased laws against men. These laws and provisions are trampling upon the fundamental right to life and liberty. These laws are being used to divide the human race into two. These laws are being used to extort.
Unable to bear this unfair pressure, 56000 men are committing suicide each year. But today, society has no time nor the inclination to think and reflect upon this.
So many families are being sent to jail each day just on the strength of one accusation.
Men are automatically branded as culprits and made to pay maintenance and alimonies, inspite of the fact that men and women are declared equal as per the Constitution of India.
There is no voice in India to talk about these crimes being committed against men. While there is even a ministry for animal welfare, we do not even have any government platform to even listen to the issues of boys and men.
Today we are launching the All India Men’s Welfare Association to mark a milestone in history. Our voice shall raise. Our message shall be heard.
Our demands are as follows.
  • A Ministry for Men’s Welfare to allocate funds, resources and nation wide programs for the betterment of men. This Ministry must also be responsible for removing bias against men during the formulating Bills and existing Acts and Laws.
  • A National Commission for Men to investigate root causes and sources of bias against men.

And to that effect, we will make our efforts to spread awareness among the suffering public.

1 thought on “Launch of All India Men’s Welfare Association

  1. being a perfect man i think personally what matters if women will get reservation in lok sabha or rajaya sabha what if legislature provide 33% seats.
    why against them? let them fly …chidiyon ko chekhne do …unko unke hisse ka aasmaan de do bhai……baaz aur uncha udd sakte hain.

    in males ne kya kiya sivaye tang dili ke aur gender biased law banane ke? let our mothers and sisters come forward so that we can get sigh of relief.

    mere khyal se chidiyon ko chekne do bhai

    thanks and regards

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