Criminal Intimidation of women by proclaimed champions of women

On 21/Oct/2009, a leading Indian human rights activist Uma Challa was threatened by a phone caller on a live TV discussion at TV5 channel studio. Uma Challa is an emerging voice of reason and a beacon of hope for a very marginalized and rapidly growing section of women who have been the object of hate and false persecution by gender specific and biased laws intended to appease wives only.

This episode has brought a few facts in the open.
  • That the proclaimed champions of womens rights do not have the mandate to speak for the entire gender. It is not even their intention to do so.
  • While they employ divisive, hypocritical and apparently conceited concepts like “Stop Violence Against Women”, they show no compunction in employing hate and criminal intimidation tactics to suppress women who speak out against their brand of bigotry.
  • That their ideology is based entirely on hate and stems from a deep rooted fear of life and wholesome living.
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2 thoughts on “Criminal Intimidation of women by proclaimed champions of women

  1. These self-proclaimed champions of women were/are never interested in the welfare of anyone, much less women. They are in it for self-aggrandisement, to make careers, to siphon off funds or to benefit in other nefarious ways. When their gravy train encounters obstacles in the form of TRUTH, REASON or LOGIC, they become hysterical. Like cheetha guarding its rotting carcass, they pounce on anyone who expose the rotting smell. This episode should be an eye opener to the society of the feminist fraud which so far no one dared to expose so publicly as our esteemed, fearless and brilliant leader Uma Challa has done. Kudos to her. We urge all who believe in human rights, justice and equality to support her and stand by her in this hour of hate-filled bigotry by the radical feminist mafia.

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