The Politics of Hate

A new social evil is fast becoming apparent. Everywhere we see posters and ads and banners and TV shows sanctimoniously showing the phrase “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” endorsed by celebrities and politicians and all the other dimes and nickels.

So its the fashion statement of the century. Wonderful. So which woman or man does not want to repeat it. Lets put the phrase under the sunlight for just a moment. “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN”. Now the questions that really need to be asked is in what is NOT being said.

Does it mean we should not stop VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN?
Does it mean only men commit VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN?
Does it imply that there have been no women criminals till date?
Does it not imply that it is OK to commit VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN?

The SVAW campaign is like saying “Stop Violence against the right eye only”; Who is to speak for the left eye or for the other body parts. These morons who shout from the rooftops or start ringing the neighbour’s bell must first ask themselves these questions?

Am I not born of a mother AND a father?
Am I not part of the human race which is made possible by both genders?

And if they cannot convince themselves of saying yes, we can leave them in their twisted mental cages.

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