I reserve my right to speak out against the Women’s Reservation Bill

Crimes Against Men is on the rise again and is now draped in political correctness. The latest crime against 110 million men has been committed by the Honorable Members of Parliament of India. By introducing and passing the Women’s Reservation Bill, the Honorable MP’s of the Rajya Sabha have yet again committed a retrograde act of sheer discrimination and the gross violation of human rights for representation.

By proposing and passing the reservation of seats for women, these MP’s have not only discriminated against the men who cannot seek nomination, they have also violated the rights of the common people, the electorate, to choose the person they wish to elect.

By supporting the Women’s Reservation Bill, these MP’s are saying that till date, no woman could have made it to the Parliament without the crutches of reservation. These MP’s are trying to make us believe that till now there was 100% reservation for men in the Parliament.

It is an irony and a slap in the face of the intelligence of the Indian public that the 33% of reservation for women is being vociferously and fanatically being preached and proposed by the very same political parties which have fallen short in the number of nomination tickets to women candidates. Did they not have enough number of nominations from women then?

Women’s Empowerment does not mean we should forcibly fill up the Parliament with women. A Member of Parliament is the voice of the constituency. An MP is required to be knowledgeable about the issues faced by the constituency and have a fairly good idea of the solutions and the process of implementing it. That means an MP cannot be nominated or elected or even pre-selected by minimum criterion. Women’s Reservation Bill is a minimum criterion. At best it is a gender based platform; narrow and retrograde; undemocratic and oppressive; and has far reaching negative social implications in terms of civil disaster. Parliament is a place of addressing concerns, not create new oppressive regimes.

Furthermore any woman MP who gets elected on the basis of gender and gender reservation would feel obligated to serve only that gender of her constitution. In her opinion and mindset, men would be delegated to a second gender status with a consequent priority. This is a gross violation of the principles of fair play as attempted to be laid down in the Constitution of India.

The Women’s Reservation Bill is the acceleration of the genocide of the rights of Indian men and initially started by the gender specific laws like IPC 498A & PWDVA. History repeats itself. The day that the guilt ridden whipped stooges of RS passed the Women’s Reservation Bill will always be known as the Krystallnacht of the rights of Indian men. They should remember that what they give away to Women’s Reservation in their magnanimity is not theirs to give away. This should be a reminder to all Indian men that their representative in the Parliament and in the Government does not always have your interests or well being as their prime function or priority.

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