Crimes Against Women Cell!!! Yeah Right!!!

CAW means Crimes Against Women. If you or anyone are summoned by this cell in connection with a complaint(for counselling or not), it means that you are already being treated as a

1). Criminal without trial
2). Criminal who has done crime against women.

Firstly, CAW is a psychological trap designed with only one outcome in mind. To destroy any resistance. The mere act of going to a CAW cell summons will be portrayed as if you and I are going to be sentenced for all the imaginary rapes and molestations done against all women from the present till Eve. It takes a very emotionally stable and clear headed man to come out in one psychological peice.

Secondly, to even acknowledge CAW is to acknowledge the lies of feminists. I will not do that.

Thirdly, let us not take part in putting these feminists in power, not even in a local thana. To do that is to commit Crime Against Men. I totally object to even the existence of the phrase ‘Crimes against Women’. I refuse to allow any man to be summoned to any institution named CAW.

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