Protector and Provider

“YES I am a PROTECTOR and PROVIDER of my Mother and Sister as I do that out of love and affection and THEY have done a lot and NOW at this time of CRISIS caused by a sick 498A WIFE they are with me. SO I AM NOT AGAINST THEM AT ALL. I am not against WOMAN but against those PERSONS who are misusing the
laws.” – X

Dear X. Your sentiment is well respected by most males in our forum.

1). BUT, this is exactly the same sentiment that our 498A wives’ fathers and brothers are using to attack husbands. Because they feel they are the protectors of their women they want to take control of each minute of their daughter’s/sister’ s life.

2). As for “I am a PROTECTOR and PROVIDER of my Mother and Sister”, let us assume that the Protector and Provider dies today. So what is to become of the mother and sister in this ‘big, bad male dominated society”. Should they perish and die since they dont have a P&P? Should they commit suicide? Should we expect them not to survive at all? Are women(mother and sister)such incompetents that they cant survive at all?

So you see, it is exactly this kind of thinking(based on fear) that led to this current state of affairs. Nobody is asking anyone to hate women, but let us not dont consider them so weak that they cant survive on their own. The fear is in our minds. Let us not allow fear to drive our thinking. It leads to laws like 498A etc.,

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