Yeh Daag Acche Nahin Hai

This has been bothering me for quite sometime. Yesterday I realized that the Surf Excel Ad with the little school boy who imitates a dog to console and please his teacher(a woman) is basically very demeaning towards men and boys. This ad is very cleverly packaged to make it look like it is a very endearing act of the boy. But in effect it is reflecting society’s encouragement of men to undergo such demeaning antics to please women. Observe how the female teacher throws the ball to test the boy’s reaction, how she enjoys it and even rewards him after his submissive act. So what is wrong with all this? Imagine the same ad with gender roles reversed. Imagine the reaction of our local feminist groups? It would have been called molestation and the society would have been given a lengthy 6 month lecture about gender sensitization and crimes against women and the girl child.

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