I am 498A. I was born to rape men…..

I am 498A. I was born to rape men and their families. I belong to a gang of rapists and looters. My sister is the famous DVA. She is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, but I am the wolf in a lion’s clothing. I am a tool of Sexual Harassment and criminal extortion. Usually I am the first to attack unsuspecting married men. I am uniquely gifted in my ability to create terror. Many men prefer to commit suicide after I point my finger at them. Some of them quickly surrender to me and pay me a handsome ransom. Many married women and their parents are inspired by me and very frequently use me to loot their husbands and make quick, huge and tax free money. I am patronized by a lot of twisted bitches and greedy bastards in high places. I am an abomination-in-law. I hate my own existence but I have a strong need to destroy all traces of decency and reason. I was created by deception and twisted statistics motivated by the evil of gender bias. I am fueled by hate and greed. The irony is that I was conceived under the ruse of battling greed and the bogey of gender equality.

I am the real tool of Sexual Harassment; since I discriminate against men only because they are men. I deserve to be punished first under the proposed laws of sexual harassment. I am the institutionalized tool of extortion. I deserve to be punished by the criminal laws against extortion. I deserve to be punished for conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity for my intention to destroy half of it. I deserve to be punished for openly declaring war against the Constitution of the nation I have pledged my allegiance to.

I am boiling with pure hatred against the resilience of some men and women who refuse to give in to my extortion and refuse to give up their fight against me. I have been defeated morally & legally 98% of the time by these people; the very reason for my existence has been brought under the question of justice, but since my creators and my supporters don’t have any shame or faith in the framework of their own laws, I carry on my dark business and my indulge in my sick pleasures. I sense the sword of reason on my neck and I may be beheaded any time, but, till the time comes, I keep testing humanity’s faith in justice.
I am 498A and I was born to rape men and their families…

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