Who IS the Goverment?

All our lives, we were thinking of ourselves, our career, our struggles, our loans, our houses, our spouse, our children, their education, our entertainment and our wellbeing. And to facilitate all this we expected the government to provide infrastructure, ensure peace and harmony, ensure supply of essential goods, protect ‘us’ from outsiders. And for all this, all we had to do was cast our vote once in 5 years and pay our taxes and obey the law and participate in corrective measures.

Whenever we face atrocious laws like 498A, DV Act etc., we dissociate from the government. We say the government is blind, the police are high-handed, the judiciary is insensitive, and all of the above are plain corrupt and absolutely rotten.

So now the question is who is the government. The government is our own creation. We ‘are’ the government. We the people, who pay taxes, cast our votes…. As soon as we hit a hurdle, ‘we’ becomes ‘them’ and ‘us’. Negativity takes over. We see everything in a colour of anger and hurt and cynicism. Who is the enemy? The enemy is within. ‘We’ made the government, we feed the government, it is our servant, it is ‘we’.

The system of correction involves the loop of analysis and also the corrective action. To ‘ensure’ both, real work is needed and it is only to be done by ‘us’.
The government is like a pet animal. It will obey only when commanded and that too only after it is trained. This takes effort from the master, the people and that is us. If the animal bites the master, it is not only the fault of the animal, it is also the fault of the master who has failed to control the animal, who has failed to train the animal properly.

We the people, have been bitten again and again, because we have failed to take proper corrective action. Instead of simply blaming the monster that ‘we’ have created, ‘we’ have to take corrective action. The emphasis is on the word ‘ACTION’.

So the question is plainly put. Will you ACT or will you just complain to the winds?

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