Dharna Against Anti-Male Laws, May 22, 2011

Save Indian Family – Hyderabad is supporting Dhashrat Devda’s Dharna and Hunger Strike in demand to remove anti-male biased laws like IPC 498A, and to gender-neutralize other misandrist laws like DV Act, Maintenance Laws etc., Dashrat Devda has started his unger strike at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 15th May.

Meanwhile, more than 57000 married men are committing suicide each year (Source: National Crime Records Bureau, Min. of Home Affairs) unable to cope with misandrist(hatred of males) laws like IPC 498A, DV Act, Maintenance Laws and the anti-male mindset of society and government, in particular.

These laws have already started a mass extermination of married men and are causing untold suffering and senseless prosecution of young and middle aged men in general. As it is, there is no social safety net or social measures from the side of the government towards the single largest contributors (men) of tax revenues to society. Not even a single rupee has been spent so far towards the welfare of men. Even animals have a share of government protection and welfare programs.

It is an open secret that laws like IPC 498A and DV Act and Maintenance are all being used as tools of extortion to financially enslave men of productive age and law abiding mindset. Being free men in a free country, we cannot let this continue.

We demand the following:

· Repeal IPC 498A

· Close down Crimes Against Women Cell

· Constitute National Commission for Men

· Mediation in marital disputes should not be handled by Police

· Simplify and ease out Divorce procedures

· No maintenance to women. Women assert equal rights have equal opportunity to earn a living.

· Stop judicial bias against men.

· Amend DV Act of 2005 to be gender neutral.

· Penalty for misusers of IPC 498A till now

· Compensate victims of IPC 498A misuse

Public is requested to speak out in support of men. Thousands of families and children and elderly parents are
being affected by these laws. If left to continue, these laws will destroy the very fabric of society.

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