Save the boy child from ‘creative’ shaming

“Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt.”
-Titus Maccius Plautus

If nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt, then nothing is more disgusting than the mind of a man who uses children to hide behind his own guilt or his own need to get quick fame. I am referring to the recent video made by Keegan Pinto, Creative Head – FCB Ulka. Brilliantly sickening!  No doubt, many feminists are clapping their hands in glee, foaming at the mouth.

Welcome to the phenomenon of the human shield. And when the human shield comprises of children, it is very effective in delivering any message. Recently, there was a big hue and cry on social media when paramilitary forces allegedly used a protestor as a human shield. What Keegan Pinto and the other stakeholders have done is nothing short of using small children as human shields in a gender shaming exercise

The children in the video are shown repeating phrases like ‘Mother and father, save me from becoming a bad man when I grow up’ repeatedly replacing the phrase ‘bad man’ with ‘repeat sex offender’, ‘rapist’, ‘wife beater’, ‘molester’, ‘stalker’, ‘pervert’, ’chauvinist’, ‘misogynist’ and going on to coax their parents to teach them ‘gender equality’ and ‘correct values’. This video is an exercise in shaming men by shaming little boys. into not becoming something they may or may not become, solely by the virtue of being male. This reveals a seriously twisted mind worth condemning on so many levels. Let us examine the assumptions that we are supposed to digest. Assumption one: That all males are bound to grow up to be rapists or other types of criminals. Assumption two: That active intervention is required at a young age to stop the transformation of boys into criminals. Assumption three: That if young boys themselves send this message to parents and society to save themselves from becoming criminals, the message becomes very effective.

The only assumption worth its salt here is that the ‘creative head’ will do anything to gain the attraction and hero worship of young and impressionable women. So much for desperation! No one would have minded much if he had emasculated himself in the video. However, his attempt to social-engineer gender behavior by injecting sexual guilt, that too into little children who do not fully understand gender roles, responsibilities or crime, is downright disgusting.

Looking at the age of the children in the video, it becomes clear that none of the children actually understand the full extent of the meaning and import of the words they have been made to parrot. We must also take into account the effect of the video on young adolescent male viewers who could face serious sexual confusion and self-hate. On the other hand young adolescent female viewers would start thinking that their natural attraction to young males is somehow perverted and wrong since according to the video all males if not corrected as children are doomed to be sexual deviants and perverts.

The fact that this video has used small children to deliver a nasty, guilt-loaded, guilt-inducing message exposes the fact somewhere some guilt has actually been offloaded off somebody’s mind. Only a guilty mind would use the ‘creativity’ of delivering guilt using the essence of innocence; that which is the defining nature of childhood.

Interestingly the video makers made the young boys use a phrase like ‘save me from becoming a man who shames you, gives you a bad name’. Using small children to deliver adult messages which they don’t even understand fully is shameful in itself. Children have very fragile thought processes and whole education systems across the world grapple with the difficulty of imparting moral education. When you add gender equations to the mix, then the problem gets that much more complicated. Any attempt of this kind is bound to have far reaching negative effects on young impressionable minds.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that many people on facebook are heaping praises on Keegan Pinto for his ‘creative’ idea. Some of these people appear to be the parents or guardians of the children portrayed. All these people must take a hard look at the underlying assumption of the ‘Creative Head’ that all male children are bound to become stalkers, wife beaters, rapists, molesters and repeat sexual offenders and examine if they themselves are all or any of the above. If not, they must examine for themselves if they have reached the point of being non-criminals only on the interventionary and manipulative tactics of the likes of Keegan Pinto in their childhood.

It is shameful how some people can use their ‘creativity’ to vilify a whole gender, including young defenseless and clueless boys in order to please women. Keegan Pinto and his art appreciators must understand that his actions are nothing less than psychological manipulation of young boys.

When the Labour Ministry of the government can deliberate and decide on how many number of hours a child artiste can work, I am sure it is also worth considering and to formulate laws on how and what messages a child actor can be allowed to render and portray.

I reserve my right to speak out against the Women’s Reservation Bill

Crimes Against Men is on the rise again and is now draped in political correctness. The latest crime against 110 million men has been committed by the Honorable Members of Parliament of India. By introducing and passing the Women’s Reservation Bill, the Honorable MP’s of the Rajya Sabha have yet again committed a retrograde act of sheer discrimination and the gross violation of human rights for representation.

By proposing and passing the reservation of seats for women, these MP’s have not only discriminated against the men who cannot seek nomination, they have also violated the rights of the common people, the electorate, to choose the person they wish to elect.

By supporting the Women’s Reservation Bill, these MP’s are saying that till date, no woman could have made it to the Parliament without the crutches of reservation. These MP’s are trying to make us believe that till now there was 100% reservation for men in the Parliament.

It is an irony and a slap in the face of the intelligence of the Indian public that the 33% of reservation for women is being vociferously and fanatically being preached and proposed by the very same political parties which have fallen short in the number of nomination tickets to women candidates. Did they not have enough number of nominations from women then?

Women’s Empowerment does not mean we should forcibly fill up the Parliament with women. A Member of Parliament is the voice of the constituency. An MP is required to be knowledgeable about the issues faced by the constituency and have a fairly good idea of the solutions and the process of implementing it. That means an MP cannot be nominated or elected or even pre-selected by minimum criterion. Women’s Reservation Bill is a minimum criterion. At best it is a gender based platform; narrow and retrograde; undemocratic and oppressive; and has far reaching negative social implications in terms of civil disaster. Parliament is a place of addressing concerns, not create new oppressive regimes.

Furthermore any woman MP who gets elected on the basis of gender and gender reservation would feel obligated to serve only that gender of her constitution. In her opinion and mindset, men would be delegated to a second gender status with a consequent priority. This is a gross violation of the principles of fair play as attempted to be laid down in the Constitution of India.

The Women’s Reservation Bill is the acceleration of the genocide of the rights of Indian men and initially started by the gender specific laws like IPC 498A & PWDVA. History repeats itself. The day that the guilt ridden whipped stooges of RS passed the Women’s Reservation Bill will always be known as the Krystallnacht of the rights of Indian men. They should remember that what they give away to Women’s Reservation in their magnanimity is not theirs to give away. This should be a reminder to all Indian men that their representative in the Parliament and in the Government does not always have your interests or well being as their prime function or priority.

Gender War is the business of fear

What is the best way to subjugate any nation? Hot conflicts are expensive, cold wars are simply time taking. A new weapon has taken its place. It is called the gender divide. Throw in financial incentives to one gender of the society, call them the victims and one half of the nation fights another in a never ending landscape of desperation and hatred. The DV Act in India, VAWA in the US and the proposed I-VAWA for us third world citizens is intended to achieve just that.

This is exactly what is happening to our society. Where did IPC 498A come from? How many of us have seen or known a bride burning incident? I know many of you would quote third party witnesses, but how many of you have really witnessed this first hand or know a family which has seen such an incident? The proponents of IPC 498A cite staggering numbers of bride burning. So how come it is not so common after all. Why are they lying? What do they gain out of it? It is purely a business based on fear. And it is a highly profitable business.
The irony of this hate campaign is that it will be profitable as long as they keep projecting women as victims. True empowerment shall never see the light of day. Truly empowered women would naturally reject the idea of victimhood. Women who seek true empowerment do not seek maintenance from husbands.
The myth of statistical increase of crimes against women. The media is being used like a rubber stamp for ‘official’ statements of falsehood. UN & UNIFEM origin statements are not gospel truth. What we are seeing is just the increase in the number of cases filed. Fundamentally, these cases have to be proved in a court of law to be qualified as a crime. Therefore, it is not a true index of crimes against women. But the fact remains that the campaign of hate and fear and forced victimization of women is being committed by the very people who have proclaimed themselves the champions of women empowerment.
The ugly truth is that the shade of feminism we see is neither feminine nor fair.

Feminism is jaundiced

My Comment:
Women’s rights advocates will always want to break up families to please their jaundiced eyes. People like these want the entire population to have broken up families. Her statements clearly show her intentions. Also she admits that gender biased laws were created just to break up patriarchy. Nowhere has she talked of any real issues faced by women.It is time they reviewed their hate mongering ideology.

The Politics of Hate

A new social evil is fast becoming apparent. Everywhere we see posters and ads and banners and TV shows sanctimoniously showing the phrase “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” endorsed by celebrities and politicians and all the other dimes and nickels.

So its the fashion statement of the century. Wonderful. So which woman or man does not want to repeat it. Lets put the phrase under the sunlight for just a moment. “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN”. Now the questions that really need to be asked is in what is NOT being said.

Does it mean we should not stop VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN?
Does it mean only men commit VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN?
Does it imply that there have been no women criminals till date?
Does it not imply that it is OK to commit VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN?

The SVAW campaign is like saying “Stop Violence against the right eye only”; Who is to speak for the left eye or for the other body parts. These morons who shout from the rooftops or start ringing the neighbour’s bell must first ask themselves these questions?

Am I not born of a mother AND a father?
Am I not part of the human race which is made possible by both genders?

And if they cannot convince themselves of saying yes, we can leave them in their twisted mental cages.

Criminal Intimidation of women by proclaimed champions of women

On 21/Oct/2009, a leading Indian human rights activist Uma Challa was threatened by a phone caller on a live TV discussion at TV5 channel studio. Uma Challa is an emerging voice of reason and a beacon of hope for a very marginalized and rapidly growing section of women who have been the object of hate and false persecution by gender specific and biased laws intended to appease wives only.

This episode has brought a few facts in the open.
  • That the proclaimed champions of womens rights do not have the mandate to speak for the entire gender. It is not even their intention to do so.
  • While they employ divisive, hypocritical and apparently conceited concepts like “Stop Violence Against Women”, they show no compunction in employing hate and criminal intimidation tactics to suppress women who speak out against their brand of bigotry.
  • That their ideology is based entirely on hate and stems from a deep rooted fear of life and wholesome living.
The Background:

My speech at the launch of DV Awareness Month- Press Conference

I am assuming that apart from your careers, when you go back home, you will find yourself in the role of parents, brothers, sisters and children. This is to say that family life is the center of our lives. Any danger or harm to any member of our family hurts the rest of the family, and we, as common citizens, rest our faith in the law enforcement and justice system, laws and procedures, to protect us and our families from harm. What happens when you find out that you and your family members are not eligible for protection just because you happen to be a man or a blood relative of a man?

The Constitution of India guarantees us the Right to Equality under Article 14. But Indian laws against domestic violence do not treat men and women as equals, reminding us of George Orwell’s Animal Farm where “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

In fact, these laws do not even treat ALL women equally. This is due to the fact that these laws see women in only one role. And it is the role of a wife. They see women only as wives. So, daughters, sisters, mothers & grandmothers are being sent to jails along with their sons, brothers and grandsons. They are being thrown out of their homes on the strength of a single unproven accusation.

We are witnessing an unprecedented rise in Human Rights abuse through the enactment and execution of a few laws instituted in the name of empowerment of women.

In an effort to end this discrimination under law and to ensure equal protection for men and women against all forms of abuse, we, the members of Save Indian Family Foundation, All India Forgotten Women, Rishtey and Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting are launching a month-long awareness programme….

DV Act Hypocrisy


This article is based on hypocrisy. On one hand, the proponents of the DV Act, pretend to fight for equal rights for wives. However, they have forgotten that equal rights bring equal duties too. DVA assumes that wives are always victims. Nobody talks of the wife’s right to property from her own parents. This route conveniently reaches a place where it is called dowry. Indira Jaising’s comment “Being thrown out of the house is one of the commonest forms of violence against women.” is the truth, albeit being committed by the wife’s own parents against their daughter!!!! !. But nobody wants to acknowledge this fact. Society has found it convenient to blame husbands and their parents.
Indira Jaising again speaks the truth without realising it..””When you use the act to gain access to property, you are badmouthed as a gold-digger. But gaining access to economic resources, including property, is a legitimate part of the act.”.. YES.. GAINING ACCESS to economic resources… et al has become a legitimate part of the ACT of getting MARRIED by modern indian wives..AND by all means they are doing it, actively helped by disgusting laws and official machinery.