Dharna Against Anti-Male Laws, May 22, 2011

Save Indian Family – Hyderabad is supporting Dhashrat Devda’s Dharna and Hunger Strike in demand to remove anti-male biased laws like IPC 498A, and to gender-neutralize other misandrist laws like DV Act, Maintenance Laws etc., Dashrat Devda has started his unger strike at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 15th May.

Meanwhile, more than 57000 married men are committing suicide each year (Source: National Crime Records Bureau, Min. of Home Affairs) unable to cope with misandrist(hatred of males) laws like IPC 498A, DV Act, Maintenance Laws and the anti-male mindset of society and government, in particular.

These laws have already started a mass extermination of married men and are causing untold suffering and senseless prosecution of young and middle aged men in general. As it is, there is no social safety net or social measures from the side of the government towards the single largest contributors (men) of tax revenues to society. Not even a single rupee has been spent so far towards the welfare of men. Even animals have a share of government protection and welfare programs.

It is an open secret that laws like IPC 498A and DV Act and Maintenance are all being used as tools of extortion to financially enslave men of productive age and law abiding mindset. Being free men in a free country, we cannot let this continue.

We demand the following:

· Repeal IPC 498A

· Close down Crimes Against Women Cell

· Constitute National Commission for Men

· Mediation in marital disputes should not be handled by Police

· Simplify and ease out Divorce procedures

· No maintenance to women. Women assert equal rights have equal opportunity to earn a living.

· Stop judicial bias against men.

· Amend DV Act of 2005 to be gender neutral.

· Penalty for misusers of IPC 498A till now

· Compensate victims of IPC 498A misuse

Public is requested to speak out in support of men. Thousands of families and children and elderly parents are
being affected by these laws. If left to continue, these laws will destroy the very fabric of society.

Who IS the Goverment?

All our lives, we were thinking of ourselves, our career, our struggles, our loans, our houses, our spouse, our children, their education, our entertainment and our wellbeing. And to facilitate all this we expected the government to provide infrastructure, ensure peace and harmony, ensure supply of essential goods, protect ‘us’ from outsiders. And for all this, all we had to do was cast our vote once in 5 years and pay our taxes and obey the law and participate in corrective measures.

Whenever we face atrocious laws like 498A, DV Act etc., we dissociate from the government. We say the government is blind, the police are high-handed, the judiciary is insensitive, and all of the above are plain corrupt and absolutely rotten.

So now the question is who is the government. The government is our own creation. We ‘are’ the government. We the people, who pay taxes, cast our votes…. As soon as we hit a hurdle, ‘we’ becomes ‘them’ and ‘us’. Negativity takes over. We see everything in a colour of anger and hurt and cynicism. Who is the enemy? The enemy is within. ‘We’ made the government, we feed the government, it is our servant, it is ‘we’.

The system of correction involves the loop of analysis and also the corrective action. To ‘ensure’ both, real work is needed and it is only to be done by ‘us’.
The government is like a pet animal. It will obey only when commanded and that too only after it is trained. This takes effort from the master, the people and that is us. If the animal bites the master, it is not only the fault of the animal, it is also the fault of the master who has failed to control the animal, who has failed to train the animal properly.

We the people, have been bitten again and again, because we have failed to take proper corrective action. Instead of simply blaming the monster that ‘we’ have created, ‘we’ have to take corrective action. The emphasis is on the word ‘ACTION’.

So the question is plainly put. Will you ACT or will you just complain to the winds?

I am 498A. I was born to rape men…..

I am 498A. I was born to rape men and their families. I belong to a gang of rapists and looters. My sister is the famous DVA. She is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, but I am the wolf in a lion’s clothing. I am a tool of Sexual Harassment and criminal extortion. Usually I am the first to attack unsuspecting married men. I am uniquely gifted in my ability to create terror. Many men prefer to commit suicide after I point my finger at them. Some of them quickly surrender to me and pay me a handsome ransom. Many married women and their parents are inspired by me and very frequently use me to loot their husbands and make quick, huge and tax free money. I am patronized by a lot of twisted bitches and greedy bastards in high places. I am an abomination-in-law. I hate my own existence but I have a strong need to destroy all traces of decency and reason. I was created by deception and twisted statistics motivated by the evil of gender bias. I am fueled by hate and greed. The irony is that I was conceived under the ruse of battling greed and the bogey of gender equality.

I am the real tool of Sexual Harassment; since I discriminate against men only because they are men. I deserve to be punished first under the proposed laws of sexual harassment. I am the institutionalized tool of extortion. I deserve to be punished by the criminal laws against extortion. I deserve to be punished for conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity for my intention to destroy half of it. I deserve to be punished for openly declaring war against the Constitution of the nation I have pledged my allegiance to.

I am boiling with pure hatred against the resilience of some men and women who refuse to give in to my extortion and refuse to give up their fight against me. I have been defeated morally & legally 98% of the time by these people; the very reason for my existence has been brought under the question of justice, but since my creators and my supporters don’t have any shame or faith in the framework of their own laws, I carry on my dark business and my indulge in my sick pleasures. I sense the sword of reason on my neck and I may be beheaded any time, but, till the time comes, I keep testing humanity’s faith in justice.
I am 498A and I was born to rape men and their families…

International Day of Families Speech

We all need a witness to our lives. ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness’ – Movie “Shall we dance”
And if a husband-wife relationship is about having a witness to our lives, then children and their children are the evidences. And we can trace this evidence from the start of the human life till ourselves..you and me.
Only the bonds of family makes all these witnesses and evidences and survival itself meaningful. Only the bonds of family makes us different from rocks and trees. It is not just the family members that make a family, it is the bond that makes a family.
A marriage and family is a framework of these bonds. People change, people die, but these ties remain. We cannot live in isolation. This is the legacy and the blueprint for the survival of the human race.
Today, this very bond, these feelings of trust and love, this is what is being attacked viciously.
For a false and temporary sense of freedom & individuality, the concept of isolation is being propogated with a sense of rabid righteousness. A new regime of laws and politics are being developed. So the question is..
How will the concept of family survive if one gender is shown as genetically and socially superior to the other?
It will not.
Let us observe the bonds themselves. These are built on the values of trust, love and sacrifice.
Today, the whole concept of marriage and family has been brought under the purview of a contract, a mere business of convenience and a framework of transaction.
But trust cannot be enforced by law, love cannot be enforced by state machinery, care cannot be ensured by punishment. Infact, none of these values can be brought under the purview of the State. Which is to say that Government may do anything to support a family system, but may not interfere or try to legalize the family structure. For in the very attempt to ‘legalize’ marriage, the inference is that anything in a marriage that is not seen as official or under the prying eyes of the State is illegal.
On the contrary, any social experimentation, especially by the government, on family obligations is counter-productive. The results of these experimentations have become spectacularly clear today. Today, we are witnessing the systematic breakdown of the family structures that gave the identity of the human race. In the name of women’s empowerment, male hatred is being preached as being fashionable. It is like cutting off one hand to make the other hand look longer. And it does not stop there. The State with the active help of feminist organisations are saying that this is actually good for the human body.

There already exists laws to combat crime and human greed. By categorising crime specific to family situations is an attempt to break down the family structures itself and not the crime.
Let me give you an example. We all have heard of the cases of disproportionate assets by judges and also about corrupt judges. Why is there no special law called the Corrupt Judges Act? The reasons are obvious. They will say that there is already a Prevention of Corruption Act. Dowry harassment is the same as extortion. Then why do we have a Dowry Act when there is already a law against extortion? Why have a domenstic violence act when there is already a law against violence? It is only to feed the egos of a few maniacs in power. These are the people who cannot see a family structure to which they do not themselves belong.

It is a fact that every bond is subject to wear, tear and breakage and it could be for any reason. In a situation where the differences are irreconciliable, the husband or the wife should be allowed to walk away cleanly. But our legal system has biased itself to such an extent that it gives two different verdicts to husbands and wives given the same set of petitioning circumstances. If a man asks for divorce he is automatically labelled irresponsible and if a woman asks she is said to be a victim of circumstances.

It is an irony that the very system of laws like IPC 498A, DV Act & Maintenance Laws which have been created as the champion against the Indian husband’s mythical greed and imaginatively systemized violent nature are tools of extortion themselves. A tool of extortion to combat extortion. This is the result of State interference into family life.

If this is not stopped today, very soon, we will witness the destruction of the fabric of family life and the very identity of India will be on the verge of extinction.

I demand the following:

  • Scrap IPC 498A since appeals to amend the section were ignored.
  • Scrap DV Act since appeals to amend the Act were ignored.
  • Progressively ensure that laws do not infringe and intrude into family issues.
  • Ensure that Government is made to pay damages/compensation to families who had to suffer the trauma inflicted by the creation and execution of these family specific biased laws.

The Politics of Hate

A new social evil is fast becoming apparent. Everywhere we see posters and ads and banners and TV shows sanctimoniously showing the phrase “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” endorsed by celebrities and politicians and all the other dimes and nickels.

So its the fashion statement of the century. Wonderful. So which woman or man does not want to repeat it. Lets put the phrase under the sunlight for just a moment. “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN”. Now the questions that really need to be asked is in what is NOT being said.

Does it mean we should not stop VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN?
Does it mean only men commit VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN?
Does it imply that there have been no women criminals till date?
Does it not imply that it is OK to commit VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN?

The SVAW campaign is like saying “Stop Violence against the right eye only”; Who is to speak for the left eye or for the other body parts. These morons who shout from the rooftops or start ringing the neighbour’s bell must first ask themselves these questions?

Am I not born of a mother AND a father?
Am I not part of the human race which is made possible by both genders?

And if they cannot convince themselves of saying yes, we can leave them in their twisted mental cages.

Response: Why Chromosome


And in a world with an extinct male gender, I wonder how the females would survive, I mean, who would work hard & earn the much needed money for buying the tvs, airconditioners(ref: plunder). Who would foot the bills for the consumerist culture that women love to have & I wonder who would make the ink and paper(ref environment rape)to allow brilliant writers to entertain us with their infallible logic. And Im sure if the fake rape cases stop then the surviving women would perish if they dont have something to gossip about(that would be the bored 46th gene).