My Prison Experience – Hanging on to innocence

It was mid-day and the April sun was sharp against my face. I was the last of the prisoners to enter the courtyard. It was hexagonal with a small room near the centre.  A big man in a prison uniform looked at me and told everyone to pick up a plate. When my turn came, there were no plates left. I was terrified at the thought of asking him. The inmate looked at me like I was a cockroach. Then he uttered a “$@%8#.. andar se pilate le” (“Get a plate from inside”) and pointed to a small dusty room with an open door. I went inside and found a few bent food plates with dust and dried grime on it. I picked up the least dirty one. This one looked like it was greased with tar.
I took the plate and wandered out of the hexagon into where I saw the last man disappear. It opened into a bigger courtyard with lots of trees and barracks building on the right, with a few men sitting outside and looked at me as if I was a foreign tourist. I probably had that look of a lost boy on my face.  I looked around for the least intimidating looking man and approached him with caution. I was not sure if I should talk to him first. He asked me if I had any cigarettes with me. I told him I don’t. He scowled at me as if I had a rabid infection and after a pause, gestured at my plate and told me to clean it near a cemented water tank.
Thus began the longest plate cleaning exercise of my life. In part I was relieved I had something to do. I poured some water on and used some detergent powder that I found next to the tap. It barely even cleaned the caked dust.  I picked up some sand and tried to scrub off the tar. I saw it make some progress. I wondered if they had sandpaper supply in prison. That was the engineer in me thinking. I scrubbed and scrubbed till the skin of my hands showed signs of peeling off. The final result still had some black tar in a thin layer. With sweat pouring down my face, I could see lines of metal after my engineering feat. I prepared myself mentally to eat off the plate if I was going to be here forever.
I looked up to see a thin young man looking at me intently. He looked amused at what I was doing. He said “Bhaijaan, usko pheko. Khane ka wakat, mere pilate le lo, baad me accha wala doondh ke dunga” (“Brother, leave that plate, you may use my plate during meal-time, I will find you a better one later”). Something about his gesture was reassuring, because I felt I was going to be here for a long long time. I kept imagining, no, I was sure that my family stopped trying to get me out on bail, though I did not have much understanding of that concept then.
That evening I was sitting on my own, trying to avoid ‘the hardened criminals’, imagining all sort of sordid things that might happen to me. The same boy set up a carrom board game and asked me to play with him along with two others. The second day of prison was spent like this, listening to their life stories.
The next morning I kept listening to the loudspeaker announcements that listed out names for release on bail granted or visitation ‘Rihae or Mulaqat‘. My name or number did not come up, but my new friend came back from somewhere, called me by name and asked me to report to the Superintendent’s office for release procedure and to hurry. He did not even wait for me to thank him.
I had a lot of time to reflect on that in the years to come. I do not remember his name, lost in the hardened faces I tried to remember during the three days of ‘judicial remand’. I have forgotten the names, I have forgotten the faces, but I will remember the kindness and the concern the inmates showed me those three days, something I didn’t find in all the people who pretend to uphold law, justice and fairness in the days that led up to prison and hence.
Today, I commemorate the Prison Experience Day with my thanks to the inmates, their kindness and humanity that is lost in the ‘fair and just outside world’. Today, I wish the humanity in them with my #SelfieInPrison initiative

A Liposuction of Maintenance & Alimony Laws

Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising said she and several women in the country were not only opposed to the expression “keep” but also to the use of phrase “one night stand’ by the Bench in the judgement. “The words are derogatory,” she said

Alimony/Maintenance encourages women to incapacitate themselves. Alimony also increases an already large portion of a physically fit and yet morally handicapped population of women. This contradiction leads to mental imbalance and conflicting behavior among women. For example filing criminal cases against husband and yet asks for Restitution of Conjugal Rights(sic).

Alimony & Maintenance reverse the effects of empowerment, in the sense that they feel constantly dependent on the husband’s male capacity to earn. What greater sense of empowerment is there for a woman who would reject Maintenance and start earning her own living and spending her own hard earned money!! The best assets a woman can have: self-respect, self-confidence, education and ability to sustain her life on her own. Also, an equal share in parental property adds to her financial security.

Alimony/ Maintenance laws are forcing women to create fictional stories of domestic violence & dowry harassment, consequently women start believing their own fiction and hence ignites a chain reaction of sociopathic and psychopathic behavior in them.

Alimony/Maintenance encourages women to commit perjury in court. Even though perjury is a serious crime, since Alimony/Maintenance are the only laws of financial gain which do not ask for proof of investment, it forces the courts to take a lenient view against perjury and slowly starts creating a situation of contempt against itself. This has a serious potential to lead to mental breakdown of judicial officers who are also mere mortals having their own livelihood issues and personal pressures.

An Alimony/Maintenance based economy fosters a generation of children who are bound to be socially and mentally imbalanced misfits. These children are already growing up with an attitude that extortion and perjury is a valid tool of life sustenance. Moral values of the next generation will touch the bottom of the begging bowl. Out of a misguided sense of entitlement; children of this dysfunctional generation will end up begging and looting their own parents , peers, spouses and their own children thereby ending the human race in a feeding frenzy of cannibalism.

The concept of Alimony/Maintenance is in contradiction to laws against beggary and vagrancy.

Because of laws for Alimony/Maintenance women have lowered their image of themselves and promoted the idea that they are the weaker sex. This issue has gone to such an extent that in India, these women loathe the idea that their children might one day become like themselves. Therefore, Indian women are killing their own babies/foetuses if they even suspect that it might be a female child. Female infanticide/foeticide is a direct result of Alimony/Maintenance.

Our idea is to Launch a Womens’ Self-Respect Day. On this day the world will honour and propagate the ideal of equality where women realize that they no longer need support from men either morally, socially or financially. On this day the world will honor women like President Pratibha Patil, Sushma Swaraj, Meira Kumar, Indira Jaising, Indira Nooyi etc., who have made it on their own to become leaders of a nation. On this day, women will give a token amount of money to their husband, father, brother etc., as a mark of independence. On this day, self-respecting, right-thinking, hardworking women will reiterate their disgust and express their loathing of female subjugating and sexually derogatory laws like Alimony & Maintenance.

Co-authored by Uma Challa & Partha

Response to Law Commission of India invitation for Suggestions on IPC 498A

Reference Invitation to the public of India seeking consultations on IPC 498A:

S.498A by its definition and its procedure fails in the fundamental test of a concept called corpus delicti (Ref: which is concept that it must be proven that a crime has been committed before any accused is even tried by a court of law or arrested for trial. It is proper to register a complaint and start an investigation, but unfair to initiate proceedings against the accused without any material evidence of occurrence of cruelty. The sole basis of registered complaint is not enough to prosecute the accused until reasonable evidence is presented to initiate prosecution. Therefore all the cases booked till date were/are illegal and are to debited to the criminal negligence and betrayal of the law makers who have been voted to power or employed by the citizens of this nation who happen to be both men and women and not just women. The politicians, executive & judiciary are all equally answerable and have responsibility to all citizens whether male or female.

It is a fact that 57000 married men commit suicide every year(Ref: NCRB statistics, Min. of Home Affairs), due to financial torture by wives which by definition is the same as dowry harassment, in addition to other forms of mental, verbal, physical, social, financial and sexual forms of harassment. Therefore S.498A is fundamentally flawed as it projects women as perpetual victims and men as perpetual oppressors. In fact S.498A is a tool to ensure that women will always be perceived as victims and may be able to reap financial rewards and a gain a twisted sense of superiority.

It is also a fact that in any crime there are two parties, the perpetrator and the victim, and that is the only ‘relationship’ they have with respect to each other. The fact that IPC 498A and PWDVA appends the words ‘husband and wife and relatives’ to the parties is an attempt to criminalize marriage and to keep it alive even after the ‘crime’ has gone to trial and its ending. Once a police complaint is registered, the marriage is over for all purposes, and to keep using the words husband and wife is to sentence both the parties is to a state of war for a lifetime and to unethically milk the cow of marriage even after the cow is dead.

The phrase ‘overimplication’ undermines the fact that, an overwhelming majority of cases are examples of fictitious accusations. The real question is how the law makers are going to punish the perjurers and compensate the ones who have been wrongly implicated.

The conviction rate in cases under s.498A is low only because it is designed to be unnecessarily harsh and draconian in its initial effects and since because the vagueness and the illogic of its gender-bias is essentially illegal in its concept, it is bound to fail altogether. Also, the fact that many women do not take interest in the prosecution is because they have achieved their motive of extortion through its initial effects of extortion and because they know that their complaints are fictional.

The real ‘pragmatic reality’ is that the State has no say in sensitive family problems. Because the very nature of any Police entity is that of authority, superiority and dominance, while the nature of marriage is that of respect, trust and love. If made compoundable as in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the law will tend to become a tool of extortion where the criminal law and judicial apparatus becomes a lever for extortionist gangs wearing the veil of womanhood, perpetual victimhood and women’s empowerment. Even if this law is made bailable, a long drawn out trial is as good as a divorce decree without the judicial stamp of approval, apart from becoming an exercise in bitterness and hatred on the personal front and an exercise in nepotism, corruption and sowing the seeds of fragmentation on the social front which will leads to the increase of father-less bigots, hate-mongers and psychotic despots to say the least.

About the possibility of reconciliation, it should be pointed out that any settlement effort by the State through the Police or Judiciary via IPC 498A or PWDVA route is an exercise in State sponsored terrorism and extortion. How can there be a fair dialogue if the woman and man and the State agency knows that there is a sword hanging on the man’s neck.
The very fact that this law is special must ring the bells of disaster in the ears of the just and fair-minded. Even if the Constitution of India has laid down special benefits to women and children, any law must be without prejudice towards men. It is time we included this phrase in our Constitution. The argument that ‘misuse is not peculiar, therefore it must not be diluted’ is a murderer’s justification that it is OK to kill a hundred people in the hope that two of them probably deserved it.

In response to para 7.1, I wish to state that The Ministry of Women and Child Development has no right to seek the destruction of men.

In response to para 7.2, It may be pointed out that there is such a thing as prisons for women in which there are many married Indian women who have committed enough crimes of all kinds.

In response to para 7.2, it is true that the dilution of the law will lead to further chaos. The only true solution is to remove it and allow the already existing laws for extortion and blackmail to be used in cases of financial extortion which is the underlying principle of the concept of dowry harassment.

Response to Para 9. In case of a complaint by a married woman against husband or a husband against a wife, Police must read the law books for a definition of crime for economic offenses like extortion or physical torture and use such a law with existing procedures. I am sure there exists such a law and I am also sure that the legal provisions in India are mature enough to be applied to such crimes fairly and effectively.

Response to Para 10. Apart from repealing this monstrous law, the law makers must also think of how they want to compensate the existing victims of such rogue laws. A commission must be setup to enquire into the abuse of each registered crime and acquittal, compensations to be estimated and also the commission must device checks and balances to ensure that such crimes against humanity like IPC 498A must not be repeated in the future. This Commission must be made permanent and must be called the National Commission for Men.

Response to Para 11. The Commission must take account of the fact that over 57000 men commit suicide each year(Ref:MHA-NCRB sources). The Commission must understand that it is not enough to ‘discourage’ unjustified complaints, it is duty of the commission to ‘eliminate’ it altogether. The most balanced way of doing this it to eliminate IPC 498A/PWDVA and enforce existing gender-neutral criminal laws.

Response to Para 12. Excellent Idea. Since existing agencies, ministries and commissions are not motivated or ‘do not have the mandate’, a National Commission for Men(NCM) and Men’s Welfare Ministry(MWM) must be formed immediately to carry out this extensive task of spreading awareness to men all over the country, whether urban or rural. The Law Commission may get in touch with Men’s Rights Groups in India to move for its proposal in the Parliament.

Response to Para 13. Law and Police and Judiciary are supposed to go with the letter and spirit of the written law. Therefore, as a beginning, all gender-bias must be removed in all the laws. It should also be made the mandate of the NCM/MWM to enforce the same.

Response to Para 14. Police must be removed from the decision making process in problems related to marital issues.

Response to Para 15. The ‘elaborate machinery’ under PWDVA is nothing short of a Holocaust in the making against the men of this country. Trying to justify PWDVA is like trying to justify the Nazi philosophy of a pure human race and the consequent wholesale murder millions of Jews and other ‘subhumans’.


1) a) What according to you is ideally expected of Police, on receiving the FIR alleging an offence u/s 498A of IPC? What should be their approach and plan of action?

Ideally Police should file cases under other gender-neutral laws under IPC for extortion and/or physical assault and go by the investigation procedure under CrPC.

b) Do you think that justice will be better meted out to the aggrieved woman by the immediate arrest and custodial interrogation of the husband and his relations named in the FIR? Would the objective of s.498A be better served thereby?

Justice will be dispensed only if IPC 498A is repealed and its victims of misuse compensated.

2) a) The Supreme Court laid down in D.K. Basu (1996) and other cases that the power of arrest without warrant ought not to be resorted to in a routine manner and that the Police officer should be reasonably satisfied about a person’s complicity as well as the need to effect arrest. Don’t you agree that this rule applies with greater force in a situation of matrimonial discord and the police are expected to act more discreetly and cautiously before taking the drastic step of arrest?

Police should take permission from National Commission for Men if it wants to arrest any man or his relatives

b) What steps should be taken to check indiscriminate and unwarranted arrests?

Police should take permission from National Commission for Men if it wants to arrest any man or his relatives.

3) Do you think that making the offence bailable is the proper solution to the problem? Will it be counter-productive?

The only solution would be to repeal IPC 498A, victims of misuse compensated and to enforce existing gender-neutral IPC laws for extortion and physical assault.

4) There is a view point supported by certain observations in the courts’ judgments that before effecting arrest in cases of this nature, the proper course would be to try the process of reconciliation by counselling both sides. In other words, the possibility of exploring reconciliation at the outset should precede punitive measures. Do you agree that the conciliation should be the first step, having regard to the nature and dimension of the problem? If so, how best the conciliation process could be completed with utmost expedition? Should there be a time-limit beyond which the police shall be free to act without waiting for the outcome of conciliation process?

Conciliation process with the sword of IPC498A or PWDVA hanging over the man’s head fits the definition of extortion under IPC.

5) Though the Police may tender appropriate advice initially and facilitate reconciliation process, the preponderance of view is that the Police should not get involved in the actual process and their role should be that of observer at that stage? Do you have a different view?

Conciliation process with the sword of IPC498A or PWDVA hanging over the man’s head fits the definition of extortion under IPC.

6) a) In the absence of consensus as to mediators, who will be ideally suited to act as mediators/conciliators – the friends or elders known to both the parties or professional counsellors (who may be part of NGOs), lady and men lawyers who volunteer to act in such matters, a Committee of respected/retired persons of the locality or the Legal Services Authority of the District?
b) How to ensure that the officers in charge of police stations can easily identify and contact those who are well suited to conciliate or mediate, especially having regard to the fact that professional and competent counsellors may not be available at all places and any delay in initiating the process will lead to further complications?

Conciliation/mediation could be possible only if weapons of male destruction are repealed

7) a) Do you think that on receipt of complaint under S.498A, immediate steps should be taken by the Police to facilitate an application being filed before the Judicial Magistrate under the PDV Act so that the Magistrate can set in motion the process of counselling/conciliation, apart from according interim protection?

b) Should the Police in the meanwhile be left free to arrest the accused without the permission of the Magistrate?

c) Should the investigation be kept in abeyance till the conciliation process initiated by the Magistrate is completed?

Even after IPC 498A and PWDVA are repealed/or made gender neutral, conciliation process can be initiated by the parties themselves. State machinery must not interfere with family related issues. State machinery is better served in protecting citizens irrespective of their gender since their salary is made possible by the citizens(mostly male) themselves.

8) Do you think that the offence should be made compoundable (with the permission of court)? Are there any particular reasons not to make it compoundable?

The only crime is the continuation of IPC 498A and it must not be made compoundable.

9) Do you consider it just and proper to differentiate the husband from the other accused in providing for bail?

The word husband/wife/man/woman must be replaced by ‘spouse’ in the law so that differentiation does not exist while providing bail.

10) a) Do you envisage a better and more extensive role to be played by Legal Services Authorities (LSAs) at Taluka and District levels in relation to s.498A cases and for facilitating amicable settlement? Is there a need for better coordination between LSAs and police stations?

State sponsored/aided agencies must be removed from interfering in family matters.

b) Do you think that aggrieved women have easy access to LSAs at the grassroot level and get proper guidance and help from them at the pre-complaint and subsequent stages?

Not just aggrieved women, even aggrieved men may file complaints under gender neutral IPC laws against anyone.

c)Are the Mediation Centres in some States well equipped and better suited to attend to the cases related to S,498-A?

Mediation Centres in all States are thinly veiled extortion centres which pressurize men to settle for money. Apart from corrupting the already corrupt women, the very people who run the centres are bound to get corrupted.

11) What measures do you suggest to spread awareness of the protective penal provisions and civil rights available to women in rural areas especially among the poorer sections of people?
Establish NCM and MWM.

12) Do you have any information about the number of and conditions in shelter homes which are required to be set up under PDV Act to help the aggrieved women who after lodging the complaint do not wish to stay at marital home or there is none to look after them?

Many innocents & parents are being thrown out of their own homes at the twilight of their lives by the use of PWDVA. Instead the government must fund food and shelter programs in exchange for vocational work by the aggrieved persons. Instead of turning them into beggars and destitutes, the government must instill a sense of hope, dignity and confidence in these people by encouraging them to work and earn for their own living.

What according to you is the main reason for low conviction rate in the prosecutions u/s 498A?

The stupidity and anti-male bias of the law combined with the extortion potential to make easy money on the faulty premise that all women are victims and all men are perpetrators.

13) (a) Is it desirable to have a Crime Against Women Cell (CWC) in every district to deal exclusively with the crimes such as S.498A? If so, what should be its composition and the qualifications of women police deployed in such a cell?

Existing CWC cells must be disbanded as they are extremely prejudicial against men and have become centres of extortion.

(b) As the present experience shows, it is likely that wherever a CWC is set up, there may be substantial number of unfilled vacancies and the personnel may not have undergone the requisite training. In this situation, whether it would be advisable to entrust the investigation etc. to CWC to the exclusion of the jurisdictional Police Station?

I do not know about the training, but my experience with CWC/CAW has shown me that it is extremely anti-male and is efficient at the art of extorting money from men. S.498A lends itself to the corruption of the State Machinery.

To Download this letter to send to the Law Commissioner: go to

Job Application to the Home Minister


The Minister of Home Affairs

Republic of India

Dear Sir,

It has come to my notice through a news report that there is a vacancy for the position of Chairman for the National Human Rights Commission. I wish to submit my candidature for the post. The following are my qualifications. I am a natural born citizen of India. I am a qualified mechanical engineer. I had been falsely implicated in a dowry harassment case in 2004. I have defended myself honourably and was acquitted in 2009. In the course of the trial, I have faced the following.

Judicial Remand for two days in Central Prison, Hyderabad.

This shows that I have experienced how easy it is for a common man to be incarcerated in prison without any prima facie evidence. Also, I have a reasonably good experience and awareness of the conditions of our prisons and prison systems. Thereafter, I have seen and experienced the agony of a prolonged trial and I am well aware of the deficiencies in our legal systems. Also, after attending many courts concerned with family issues, I have come across many families suffering similar woes and I can empathize with the common man. I have also interacted with many judges, lawyers & police personnel and have understood that power, prejudice and badly designed systems can affect the judgement of anyone in the system. I understand that there is a need to constantly revise the laws to ensure that they are judicious and effective. This has given me the understanding of the complex power equations that come in play within the system. I believe that every person has the right to live in dignity. I believe that even the biggest of governments may be wrong in making policies from time to time. I believe that if the time comes, we must re-evaluate and re-vamp the system dispassionately. I am neither intimidated by power, nor believe that it is absolute. These form the cornerstone of my being.

With this I support my candidature for the position in question. Please feel free to contact me for any additional clarifications.



‘Dowry’ Explained in Tanishq’s ad

This is Tanishq’s new jewellery ad. This is the real reason for justifying the existence of laws like IPC 498A and DV Act.
  • The reality is that most Indian parents push their reluctant daughters into marriages.
  • The reality is that most women get married for the love of jewellery and riches.
  • The reality is that it takes a promise of gold for most women to agree to get married.
  • The reality is that an average woman in India agrees to get married because her parents promises her jewellery and property rights. THIS is the real ‘Dowry’.
  • The reality is that most Indian women get married for all the wrong reasons.
Dowry is popularly imagined to be inducement to the groom for marrying the daughter. But the actual explanation of Dowry is clearly shown in this ad. And this is what is happening in India.
As soon as the glamour of the marriage ceremony wears off and the glitter of the gold fades to the reality of life, these gold-digging daughters of India start dreaming of escaping the drudgery of marriage. And they do it in style, aided by the Mengele of our time, the NCW.
  • The rest is the reality of false criminal cases against husbands and their families.
  • The rest is legally aided butchery of men.
  • The rest is legally aided torment of fatherless children.
  • And the concentration camps of Indian Family Courts where the poisonous fumes of bias and oppression kills all voices of reason, conscience and the last whimpers of justice.
  • And all this for these women’s lust for gold.

Alimony is Ransom

We have many words for money not earned. Among other words, Ransom, Extortion, Dowry, Alimony & Maintenance based on the context. However, the concept of forcing by threat of life or litigation; any party to part with their life savings or their projected life savings is the same irrespective of the word used. The underlying element is illegal force, for no man may be forced to live for another.
Simply speaking, the first three words, Ransom, Extortion and Dowry are explicitly classified as illegal by law. But illegal force is not just something that happens outside the law. Sometimes the law can also be illegal. As is the classic and contemporary case of IPC 498A, DV Act and many Maintenance Laws. By forcing any man to part with money to any woman on just the basis of the fact that he is the husband or seemingly the husband or simply accused to be the husband, with the threat of state sponsored force, is itself an act of illegal force under the pretense of law and justice.
To wrap it up, Alimony is equal to Ransom & Maintenance is equal to Extortion.

India joins International Legal Terrorism Club

With Shoaib Malik’s passport being seized by the police in India, this fair country has joined the ranks of terrorist groups who have no compunction in unleashing their twisted ideologies and hatred against another classification of people….in this case the classification happens to be men.

Even men of other nationalities are not spared the trauma of being incarcerated(not yet in Malik’s case, but the pain of being defamed and accused in public is just the same). The prime postulate under any law, presumed innocent unless proven guilty, is the first victim under my fair country’s legal march against men.
Will the US’ war against terrorism include the legal terrorism being exported from India, or will the US support the feminist and gender biased I-VAWA?
Will sports personalities continue to blindly endorse the feminist Taliban of so-called ‘Violence Against Women’?